It’s not just about learning Ikinyarwanda, but also about changing attitudes and behaviors related to culture.
For example: like going to visit Rwandans and communicate with them freely.
That’s the step we’re helping you take. From a toddler who is learning how to speak to a fluent person.
If you don’t know Ikinyarwanda, and you live with Rwandans; you’re missing out!


Learn Ikinyarwanda and expand your world.


I. Beginners.

II. Those who speak little Ikinyarwanda.

III. Adults who know how to speak Ikinyarwanda but do not know how to write it.

We will facilitate the learner according to the language he/she speaks. Those who share a language will see a teacher who speaks that language, and they will be placed in the same class according to their age and the level of Ikinyarwanda they speak. We can accept a student who has a reason for wanting to study alone (for example, if he/she wants to study more hours in a shorter period of time). Learning with others is an advantage: one learns from others, gains friends, etc.