We are parents, we are married, we have experience in different professions but most of all we can say that we have the same experience in raising children, teaching, and passing on our language and culture.

“The grass is always greener on the other side”

Although we live in different parts of the world, we remember that we are children of Rwanda.
We love people and we have one goal: to keep the Rwandan language and culture as our heritage. Because we have understood that the Rwandan language and culture are permanent riches of the country.

We found that we share the goal of keeping the Rwandan heritage and culture. So that has to continue on with us and those around us.

Even the foreigners we live with want to know the Rwandan language and culture. We share with them regardless of origin, status, caste, skin, language, gender, religion, background etc.“ If you want change something, start that change with you”.

We started with our children, friends and relatives who did not speak Ikinyarwanda and did not know the Rwandan culture. We taught them. They have learned and now they know.
So, we have opened our doors to all of you and welcome you to learn and share the Rwandan

Ikinyarwanda Language

Ikinyarwanda is an interesting language, because it is spoken everywhere in the country and in the neighboring countries (regions close to Rwanda).

That is why, we have often been asked by foreigners, especially other Africans, about the unique gift in Africa that we have been given to speak the same language throughout Rwanda.
The Ikinyarwanda language is a beautiful, interesting and fun language!

That’s why we want to share it with everyone, everywhere!

What we want

As Rwandans are every where around the world, we want the Ikinyarwanda language to be known worldwide.

What is Ikinyarwanda ?

Ikinyarwanda is the special language of Rwandans.

Rwandans are people from Rwanda who live all over in the world.

Rwanda is unique in that its inhabitants speak one language: Ikinyarwanda.

Learn Ikinyarwanda and expand your world.

Proud of Ikinyarwanda language and culture

Just as we need breathing air to live, we also need language.

Rwandans believe that a country without culture will fall apart. That’s why they speak Ikinyarwanda in their gatherings and events.

Culture is the language, dance, song, dress, food, games, history, performances, traditions, beliefs, attitudes and mentality of those who share it.

If you are of Rwandan descent, live with them or love the Rwandan language, let us help you learn Ikinyarwanda language, which is the basis of knowing the Rwandan culture.

Know your language

Know your language, know who you are.

Take the floor

Take the word, value yourself!

Speak the language

Speak the language, have a word! expand your world!